Dr. Pamela Johnson

Nurse Practitioner,
Maury River Family Practice

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Maury River Family Practice
Glasgow, VA


ConsultIdaNP was established in 2006 to provide people confined to their place of residence access to primary healthcare. With over two decades of experience in the field of Nursing, Dr. Johnson’s day-to-day responsibilities include coordination and oversight of primary care practices in home-based settings.

In 1996, Dr. Johnson graduated with a Baccalaureate of Science degree in Nursing from Barry University in Miami Shores. To further her professional development, she completed a Masters of Science in Nursing degree from the University of Central Florida in 2004, ensued by national certification and title of Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner (ARNP). In 2015, a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree was earned from Florida Atlantic University after completing a five year retrospective analysis of single state data to answer the question: How does statewide Medicaid Managed Care insurance plans lack of policy to empanel Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners affect cost of access to primary care for homebound Medicaid recipients?

Dr. Johnson maintains affiliations with the American Association of Home Care Medicine, American Association of Nurse Practitioners, American Nurses Association, and Sigma Theta Tau International. Additionally, she has served as a Board Member for Florida Nurse Practitioner Network.

Dr. Johnson is committed to challenges of health systems to provide what was once considered office based primary care, to the homebound population. Her commitment to the profession of Nursing led to recognition by the Nurse Practitioner Council of Palm Beach County as the 2015 Nurse Practitioner of the Year and the American Health Council. She attributes her level of success to excellent mentors.